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Car accidents, Trucking accidents, Dog Bites, Wrongful death

Wade Visconte located in Shreveport, LA, is an experienced attorney you can trust to handle your car accident case. We handle all types of personal injury cases.  We charge 33 1/3% before or after suit is filed.  We aggressively handle all types of personal injury cases.  We treat our clients like they are family.  We keep our clients updated at each stage of the proceedings, and we NEVER take home more money than our clients.

There are no fees or recovery of costs we advance on a case unless we obtain a successful trial verdict or settlement.  


DWI, Felony Defense, Misdemeanor Defense, Expungements

Trouble with the law?  Wade Visconte is an an experienced criminal defense attorney you can trust to help you.  We handle all types of misdemeanor and felony cases in the Shreveport Bossier City area.  We can also help with your expungement.  Our criminal defense practice focuses on DWI defense and felony possession charges.

Our fees are determined by the type of case.  Most criminal defense cases are handled on a flat fee basis or with a retainer and additional fee if the client chooses to take the case to trial.  All initial consultations are free! Call us today at (318) 918-1245.


Business Disputes

If your business is involved in a contract dispute, is owed money, is the victim of unfair trade practices or deceptive business tactics, then we stand ready to fight for every cent that your business deserves.

We take a pragmatic approach towards commercial litigation and emphasize resolution that is cost efficient and takes into account the financial burdens and lengthy delays associated with protracted litigation. We handle commercial litigation cases based on an hourly fee basis or contingency contract depending on the unique facts involved.  All initial consultations are free!


Wage Benefits, Disability settlements, Penalties and Attorney Fees

Workers Compensation is a constantly changing area of the law that is complicated and full of "traps for the unwary."  Louisiana's laws are constantly being revised, and the changes have been more favorable to employers over the years.  We have extensive experience in workers compensation.  We have represented insurance companies in the past, and we know how to go after employers and their insurers for penalties and attorney fees.  We aggressively file claims against employers and their insurers to force reasonable settlements for our clients. 


All initial consultations are free! Fees are cappped at 20% plus our costs. Attorney fees paid in association with penatlies claims are negotiated on a case by case basis.  We NEVER take 20% (or any sum) out of the weekly wage benefits checks our clients receive.

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