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If you are in need of an attorney, I highly recommend this law firm. He and his staff will maintain contact with you and keep you updated on your case. Thanks, Team Wade!!


I was rearended and went to Wade, best decision ever. Not only did he get compensation for my pain and suffering but on top of all that he took care of everything, from my rental and medical bills to getting my truck fixed. I will definitely be using and referring him to everyone in the future!


Wade was awesome! A few of my family and friends have used him as well and got great results. I highly recommend him!


I love Wade Visconte ! He is always the first person I recommend when dealing with motor vehicle accidents. He was great representation during my trial and I was satisfied with my results. He cares about his clients and works diligently to get the best results . If I ever needed any other legal issues solved, he would be the first person I would call! 10 out of 10 !


I would recommend Wade Visconte to anyone. After my accident which injured my arm, I was recommended to Wade. I was told he was a man of integrity and would take care of me. He did just that. He didn't make huge promises. He DID work hard to make sure my bills were paid and I was taken care of. I give him 5 stars.


Whatever we can say about Wade Visconte as an attorney and as a person seems inadequate compared to the personal investment he made of time, energy and talent in handling our issues, all of which reached what we considered to be successful conclusions.

Prior to meeting Wade, we’d not had much experience dealing with attorneys. However, the last few years had presented four situations, totally unrelated in nature, in which we needed legal assistance. One involved a hospital billing and insurance coverage dispute (involving the DOD and Tricare trying to cancel a pre-authorization for surgery after the surgery took place), another an unpaid employment wage claim involving a very well-known local non-profit, a property damage issue at a marina, and a fee reimbursement dispute regarding an annuity. We felt overwhelmed and at a distinct disadvantage, even though we felt we had the objective evidence required to prevail. The opposing sides had a battery of high-power attorneys to represent them. Wade, a sole practitioner, agreed to represent us in all cases.

During the twists and turns of negotiations, Wade kept us informed, gave us opportunities to provide input when helpful, and kept us in check on the occasions we allowed emotion to create unrealistic expectations. If Wade takes your case, he’s already decided that you have a decent shot at a fair settlement, or if negotiations fail, a reasonable chance to succeed in Court.

Wade does the painstaking research it takes to handle a case, and will be honest with you about your chances of success, even if he gives you news you don’t necessarily want to hear. Without being as emotionally involved as the litigants are in an issue, Wade will remain a relentless seeker of what is fair and just within the boundaries of what is practical. You just need to be willing to listen to his advice and keep an open mind.


My husband and I highly recommend him.


I'm Hugo, when I was failed by another lawyer, All American Law Firm, was able to help me where others failed. He's very caring and considerate, and I'm forever grateful for their help. I'll always recommend them to anybody. Thank you, Wade T. Visconte.


Attorney Visconte (Wade) was not only professional, but responsive, personable and caring. My mother died and he called consistently to check on my family. He makes you feel like family. He fought hard and worked diligently on my case. Without a doubt, I would recommend him to friends and family members.


Wade is an excellent lawyer. He was able to work a difficult case for me with a lot of moving parts. During the litigation he was honest and straightforward about every part of the process. He was able to answer any question that I had and got me a great settlement. I would recommend his counsel to anyone needing a lawyer


We had tried 2 lawyers before Mr. Visconte and they never put forth any effort to help us. I found Mr. Visconte on his website and from the first talk, he was great. He started on my case and kept me informed at everything he was doing or that was sent in to him. My case was a hard one and he dug and found information that nobody else had found. He got all the information on my illness and talked to my doctors and nurses. He never gave up and kept fighting for me. I called him a bulldog. If I had questions, he was available. As for his personality, he is down to earth and very confortable to talk to and ask questions. That was important to me. I really can't say enough about how great a lawyer and person he is. He thinks only about his client and your needs to win your case. If you need a great lawyer, he's your man! Like I said, my case was a hard one and there were so many times I felt it was hopeless, but Mr. Visconte would not let me give up. He would always be right. He would take what he was told with a grain of salt and push forward and get more paperwork together and take care of that hurdle. He knows the law and doesn't let anyone pull the wool over his eyes. He also keeps up to date on what's going on in law. I was very satisfied and plan to use him if ever I need a lawyer again and am highly recommending him.


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